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Tiny Princess

On occasion I’ve watched anime that maybe I’m not… proud of.

But I think UFO Princess Valkyrie is in a whole new category of guilty pleasures.

I can only imagine the brainstorm session for it went something like –


Director: Yes sir, but will that be enough? Lots of series have hot girls. I mean, is that really our angle?

Producer #2: And I want hot princess girls.

Producer: What if we set it in a bathhouse for no reason so we can show more nudity? Also, it should be a comedy, romance, and sci-fi tale ALL AT ONCE EQUALLY.

Producer #2: And I want hot girl aliens.

Producer: Yes. And also I have changed my mind and the hot girls should turn into super-cute tiny chibi 8-year-olds! Because cute is good too.

Director: Sir, that doesn’t make any sense.

Producer #2 And I want a fiery-tempered girl who works at the local shrine and is childhood friends with the main character and tragically in love with him. She should also be hot.

Producer: And then let’s have a magical girl transformation scene where they go from chibi to super hot vixens!

Director: You want a Sailor Moon style semi-naked transformation scene where an 8-year-old turns into a giant breasted woman in a few seconds? In every episode? Really? Is that the best use of our animation resources?


Director: What triggers the transformation?

Producer: The main character makes out with the princess.

Director: Are you sure? Really?

Producer #2: And I want a cute nerd girl. In glasses.

Producer #2: And catgirls. Lots of catgirls. Armies of catgirls.

Producer #2: And a hot maid.

Producer: Wait, I just had a brainstorm…

Producer and Producer: #2: CATGIRL MAID!

Director: Are there any other anime cliches you’d like to throw in nonsensically?

Producer: Use your imagination.

Producer 2: Yeah, don’t let us limit you. Just go with it.

So, suffice it to say I love the show.

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