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Scrolling Upwards

I bought an Apple TV, even though I have no intention of using it to watch purchased television or movies.

Until recently I had decided that listening to whole albums on CD using my Marantz DVD player was the appropriate way to experience music. But I decided that changing CD’s was actually really annoying, and it’s 2007 and who listens to compact discs?

So the plan was to use the Apple TV as an overpriced but relatively hassle-free MP3 hub with a nice UI and remote.

Since I only have about 20gb of music, I let the Apple TV fill the rest of its space with my photographs.

This was interesting but kind of unnerving when I turned on the screensaver to show my photos.

Listening to music in my house alone, with all the digital photographs I’ve taken in the past 8 years streaming past me, was too intense.

It really was like having your life flash before your eyes.

It wasn’t just the photos I’d selected for sharing with the world, it was everything I’d shot since I started shooting digitally in 1999.

All the private things that never make it to Flickr.

Good photos and bad photos.

People I don’t see anymore.

Places I miss.

Firsts and lasts, events I remember and forget, friends and foes. Me aging.

We may be numb to seeing our lives in digital in real time, but I’m not ready to have it all streaming back at once to the theme songs of my life.

I decided to switch it back to album covers.

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