by adam mathes
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I got into the 10 items or less line since all I had were some hangers.

The woman in front of me proceeded to unload her cart, which I noticed was very, very full for someone in the express lane of Target.

I counted up until about 35 and then stopped counting. I did see that she spent $158.

Normally this might annoy me but I found it sort of amusing as she kept hauling out more and more things from the cart it seemed less annoying and more ridiculous.

Sticker packs? 8 of them? Comedy.

Meanwhile I clutched my single pack of hangers and waited, slightly upset at my station in life.

But after paying I made my way out and as I was leaving noticed someone I thought I knew walking in, who’s balding.

As I made my way home I felt a lot better about myself because I have a full head of hair.

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