by adam mathes
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Dress Shirts

The consensus from my fashion conscious friends is that it’s better to wear shirts that “fit” me rather than what I wear normally, which may be charitably described as “large.”

In particular, when not tucked in, they tend to hang quite a bit past my waist. Because I am very, very short.

The theory is if I got better fitting shirts - ones that were designed to not hang down to my knees - I would look “better” and “less comical.”

The problem of course is that slimmer fitting less conservative shirts that don’t hang to my knees make me look fat (because I am.)

I considered this for a while, and whether I look better or not isn’t even the point (consensus was I did.) The point is that I’m never going to get any taller - it is conceivable I might lose weight. So wearing clothes that remind me I’m short are not helpful. Wearing clothes that remind me I’m fat - may in fact be helpful.

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