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Living After Midnight

On the midnight Caltrain back from San Francisco Saturday night/Sunday morning, there were some girls sitting in front of me and Dakota.

One of them was talking about her place of employment.

Which also happens to be my place of employment.

I kept thinking of a way to enter the conversation, especially regarding some complaints, but couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t stupid.

And the girls seemed kind of cute, so maybe I was intimidated?

Also, I was like, what the fuck, don’t talk about work outside of work. Ever! Especially Saturday night.

Although I guess nothing they said was actually all that bad.

After we got off the train, I realized the proper way to do this was something like -

“Hi, I couldn’t help overhear some of what you’re saying, and yeah, I totally know what you mean! I work there too. But as a shareholder, I personally would appreciate that you keep these things to yourself when on public transportation.”


“So, umm, would you two like to go Wii Bowling?

Since that is the best sort of thing I can come up with - even post facto - it’s no wonder I am single.

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