by adam mathes
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Video Games Fuck Like a Fratboy

I’m starting to work on an essay. Maybe it’ll be a book one day. I don’t think the title as above would work.

The question is why video games don’t make us feel.

Some do, of course, but it’s the exception.

At this stage in the world of interactive entertainment, why is it so rare? Why do I have to try so hard to find something that isn’t vapid? Why don’t creators want us to emote? Why don’t they want us to connect to the characters and experience? Why is it all so focused on destruction?

But maybe it doesn’t need to be an essay, or a book. Maybe it’s simple.

Why are movies full of explosive special effects instead of substance? Why is television full of unfunny situations with forced laugh tracks? Why are the popular books unchallenging and devoid of new ideas?

It’s the same reason people have bad sex.

People have boring, monotonous sex because intense sex and intimacy are far more threatening and scary than they can imagine, and require more adult autonomy and ego strength than they can muster. Intimate sex is, for most people, a terrifying and utterly mysterious business.”

An experience that makes people feel - especially interactive entertainment like a video game - is too threatening for most people to create or experience.

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