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Ways I Have Screwed Up Valentine's Day

(A Partial List)

2002 - Didn’t let a girl who wanted to hang out with me come visit at Stanford because I was more into another girl at Stanford.

2003 - Postponed hanging out with a girl until the day after Valentine’s Day, so as to avoid entanglements because I’m a jerk, but then became entangled for years anyway, just leading to eventual resentment over initial postponement.

2004 - Not entirely sure how I screwed this one up, which is just more indication of how badly I fucked things up.

2005 - Too busy being heartbroken over my then girlfriend leaving me and going to England and dating someone else to directly screw things up. Though in light of 2003-2004, maybe I should not have been surprised.

2006 - Screwed things up, also in unspecified ways, involving girl previously mentioned in 2002.

2007 - wrote list alienating unspecified girls referenced from 2002-2006.

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