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What it's like in my head after flying

…on a shuttle from SFO to my house, at about 12:30am.

Why didn’t I take a fucking cab instead of this fucking shuttle? My flight got in a fucking hour ago I’d fucking be fucking home by now…

…and these girls going to Stanford, why are Stanford girls always so… unattractive?

Empty billboard advertising to use this billboard, but if that billboard was so effective wouldn’t it be advertising for something other than people to use billboards?


Like the Spider-friends, GO FOR IT!

I wish that was on DVD. I’d watch the shit out of it. When I got the Origin of the Spider-Friends on VHS a few years ago, I watched that about a million times. It was one of the few things I brought to college. When Spider-man decides to reveal his secret identity to Iceman and Firestar, so great.

But Spider-man had already figured out their identities, so I guess it wasn’t quite that risky. And he figures it out when his automated camera “accidentally” takes some photographs of Angelica Jones changing into Firestar.

Angelica Jones to Firestar was basically a magical girl transformation, though I never really thought of it that way until now. Which means she’s basically naked during it. Which also probably means Peter Parker had some scandalous nudes of Angelica/Firestar?

So maybe that was part of why he trusted her, because when you see someone naked you trust them more. Maybe? You sort of have to?

Or maybe not. I guess of the girls who I’ve seen naked I currently don’t really trust any of them at all. Maybe one of them, sort of.

How is that my brain can take billboard signs and turn them into cartoons and the inability to interact with the opposite sex? It’s like my brain has some complex neuron path from any point X to [ add sex ] [ try to make it funnier or something ] [ maybe add cartoons or video games ] useless Y.

Maybe I should write about this.

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