by adam mathes
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Dump Her Friday

Adam Mathes: if i had a girlfriend that was allergic to bacon
Adam Mathes: i don’t know what i’d do
Jessica Nguyen: dump that bitch.
Adam Mathes: oh come on, we both know the part about me having a girlfriend is unrealistic
Adam Mathes: it’s a non-issue
Jessica Nguyen: I rolled my eyes yet again
Adam Mathes: and don’t call my hypothetical girlfriend a bitch!
Adam Mathes: meanie
Jessica Nguyen: Sandy is a bitch.
Jessica Nguyen: Sorry, Adam, she is
Adam Mathes: well, i’m glad your imaginary girlfriend for me is a bitch
Adam Mathes: even in our imaginations
Adam Mathes: i date bitches
Adam Mathes: that my friends hate

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