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Blind Elephant Herders

I updated to start including Flickr and Delicious material.

It’s kind of nice to look back at some of it, especially the things with decent photographs over time like dakotasmith and benbrown.

The original goal of this thing (if you remember back) was to intertwine my friends content with mine by date and tag, so the code is sort of there to do all this sort of thing, I just never quite wrapped it all up. I probably never will, entirely.

(At some point I’ll probably expand it a bit more.)

One way to build something like is to just build on top of RSS aggregation - crawl the feeds regularly that are applicable and cache a local database of them and build everything.

RSS is like having a structured query language where you can have any query you want as long as it’s “select title, description, pubdate from items order by datetime desc limit 15.”

But I find the notion of building/using an RSS aggregator in 2007 somewhat offensive on nonsensical general principles so instead I built this using some hacky Flickr/Delicious “real” API calls that mirror my metadata locally every once in a while. Since I’m lazy I chose to just write the archive grabber/parser and do that every once in a while than face the issues of RSS crawling, parsing, and what happens when entries change, etc. it’ll probably always be out of sync vs the homepage (which is just sorta shoving recent RSS feeds on a page and thus a different set of hacky scripts I’m ashamed of.)

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