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Next Gen

I somehow self destructed the Enterprise within 5 minutes of starting Star Trek Legacy.

Granted, it was the NX-01, and not like, a real Enterprise anyone cares about, but still, I felt like I had let Picard down. Even though he’s not real, and not even fictionally born yet in that era of the game, I guess.

So I went back to playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

I had started the game about a week ago, but stopped after two minutes because I had a deep sense of foreboding, and wasn’t ready to actually accept that the latest Zelda game might not be fun. It would be too much for me to bear on top of everything else.

After like an hour of trying to fish with a stupid bobbing thing in order to get a fish for a cat and being unsuccessful, I threw the nunchuk across the room.

Why the fuck do I need a nunchuk to play Zelda anyway?

Next generation gaming is bullshit.

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