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Lyla Looks Just Like Sanada-San from UFO Princess Valkyrie

I extracted the hard drive from my dead Powerbook Lyla.

So it’s sort of like Lyla is resurrected and just lives in a little box. (She has a gun and cat-ears, so do not mess with her.)

The new MacBook Pro is nice, I guess, but I would’ve liked to wait another generation or two before switching to Intel.

There are still some problems with the server where this site is hosted, so I’ve been reluctant to update since my nifty rsync scripts don’t work. You don’t care, obviously.

Dakota moved in to my living room last week.

We were playing Wii Golf today and I told him that if he beat me I would kick him out. Then he hit an 81 foot iron shot to eagle a hole and win the round, so I kicked him out.

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