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The problem with having Steam installed on my computer is that occassionally I’ll run it when I want to play Half-Life 2.

And it’ll do something like tell me that I can buy “Sin Episodes: Emergence” for ONLY $14.95. And this strikes me as a good idea, because what the hell else am I going to do on Labor Day weekend?

I mean, ONLY $14.95! And I don’t even have to leave the house? And Sin? That was fun in like 1998, right? There was that guy, and that other guy, and, guns and… I didn’t really remember, but it was fun, right? Sort of?

But it’s not really a good idea to buy stuff on Steam without thinking it through.

10 minutes into playing it I remembered that I didn’t actually like Sin, and all I really remembered about it was that stupid banner ad. There was this really obnoxious (and at the time ubiquitous) jiggling boob banner ad for Sin. It was really ridiculous.

This occurred to me as Elexis Sinclaire and her giant breasts were parading around and taunting me in a bikini as part of some inexplicable cutscene.

The problem is, this is pretty much the high point of the game, along with your fiery rookie partner, Jessica Cannon, who is fighting crime with her hair in pigtails while baring her midriff.

6 or so hours later or after playing through the average shooter, I was sort of disappointed, because even if Jessica Cannon is a hot redhead that can drive like a maniac and swears a lot, that doesn’t mean the game is actually good. (Actually the parts of the game where she’s driving are pretty good, they should’ve had more of that.)

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