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Tacticle Feedback

My first proof copy of trenchant daily: the first five years arrived.

I’ve been trying to finish it for a few months now, but got discouraged. (Lack of motivation generally, lack of any audience for the final product, lack of sleep due to day-job all contributed to the discouragement.)

I thought holding a real, bound copy in my hands might help.

It did.

There’s something about the physicality of it; the weight, the texture, seeing the little serifs from the Hoefler font contrast against the paper.

It makes me happy to hold it.

(Even if I didn’t leave enough margins on the inside so the gutter is too tight for the binding.)

I spend so much time with the intangible digital bits it’s easy to forget how important the physical and the tactile are.

Humans care about touch.

On Friday The Slackmistress explained to me much of the genius of the Consumeetings was tagging. Real life Consumating meet-ups feature Consumating users writing little phrases on stickers and placing them on people in a real life mirror of the virtual tagging that happens on the site.

It gives nerd boys (i.e., me) a chance to try and be clever by writing smart tags, she explained, but it also gives them an excuse to actually touch people. And for the non-touchy-feely Asperger’s cases who spent their formative years playing Wing Commander (i.e., me.) this is a critical aspect.

I then promptly drowned all her advice in whiskey, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.

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