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Spider-Friends, Go For... NO STOP

This thing has a giant comic book spoiler in it. If you know what the means and you care you should probably stop reading. Also, you’re a dork.

I recently saw Joe Quesada on the Colbert Report talking about Marvel’s Civil War comics. Since I stopped reading comics forever ago I had no idea what that meant.

So I read about it, and it sounded kind of neat, and then Wikipedia after a skipped spoiler warning told me that -


What the hell is that about? That is fucking bullshit.

Sure, I haven’t bought Spider-Man comic books since sometime in the early 90’s, and complaining that “oh comic book character X wouldn’t do Y” is the sort of fanboy bullshit that keeps popular comic book characters stagnant over the decades, but I can’t help it.

I don’t want to read about a Marvel Universe where Peter Parker tells everyone he’s Spider-Man. I don’t even want to have to acknowledge such a Marvel Universe exists!

I mean, sure, it was nice when Spider-Man reveals himself to be Peter Parker to Ice-Man and Firestar in the campy cartoon show, but this is differnt. This is comics. This is serious!

I think I should just buy a bunch of trade paperbacks of Amazing Spider-Man comics that were published decades before I was born instead.

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