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Agricultural Subsidies

Prey was a better than average game, but I felt it had more moral ambiguity than it wanted to allow itself (or really, as a 3D Realms produced 90s-style first person shooter, was capable of.)

[ spoilers below ]

So the Sphere “planted” humanity and biological life on Earth, and is coming back to harvest some of it. This sort of sucks for the humans who get abducted, but you know, agriculture happens. Humans do it all the time.

As far as I can tell from the game -

  1. The Sphere only takes a small portion of biological life, presumably what it needs to survive and grow as an organism. It doesn’t seem to properly discriminate between plant, human, animal, but it doesn’t kill excessively.

  2. The Mother/Queen/Whatever is sort of a crazy vindictive former-human, and seems to be mostly in control of the Sphere.

  3. They have cool spaceships, and the sphere is a cool giant spaceship

So at the end when Tommy defeats the Mother and takes over the Sphere, it seems reasonable that he could, you know, turn the Sphere vegetarian and keep the sophisticated technology and internal society going with less horrible effects.

Instead he pilots it into the Sun which makes his dead grandfather happy, but didn’t do a whole lot for me. And sure, maybe the Sphere would’ve driven him crazy and evil with the power if he’d stayed, but it would be a better game if the player could make the choice.

Why can’t every game be like Jedi Knight and allow me to see if the evil ending is more satisfying?

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