by adam mathes
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I’ve been speaking more quietly lately.

I thought about this for a while, and tried to understand why that might be.

All I kept thinking of was the description of one of the pilots from the original Wing Commander, which thanks to the wonders of the web is of course available online -

Angel, frequent wingman for Iceman, describes flying with him: "You must learn to listen for Iceman. On the comm unit, in a large engagement, everyone is either shouting or at least very excitable; Iceman is whispering. You have to strain your ears to hear him. It's always terse little statements: 'Moving in.' 'Rolling right.' 'Target in sight.' 'Objective accomplished.' 'Head for home.' And I will tell you: He talks ten times as much in the cockpit as he ever talks on the carrier." Iceman is 31, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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