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Wild World

A visit to a museum, a walk along the beach, and the exchanging of exquisitely wrapped carefully selected presents would require a bit of forethought in most cases, but in Animal Crossing Wild World the hardest part is probably just the exchange of friend codes.

(And after the walk on the beach you can chase butterflies and accidentally hit each other with nets.)

Animal Crossing Wild World has a lot of possibilities as a pseudo-dating application, although Nintendo made a few mistakes: you can’t get coffee together in the musuem shop, and K.K. doesn’t show up so you can’t catch a show together. And most importantly you can’t use the microphone to talk to each other, you have to type little messages or “emote” at each other.

All in all it’s more fun than most things you can do in a multiplayer game, and probably more fun than you had on your last date.

(Or not.)

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