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Guitar Hero Week - Day 5

For the sequel:

Groupies - add groupies to the unlock shop where you can purchase better looking groupies to follow you around / sleep with you

Band Leader Mode - enhanced RPG-style career mode where you have to deal with scheduling gigs, making money, begging your sellout friends to pay for your studio time for an album you’ll never release, managing penicillin purchases, kicking heavy drug-users out of the band and into rehab

Give Me Money Mini-game - Street Fighter II ripoff mode where you have to beat up venue owners and their minions (with your guitar) who stiff you to get paid for gigs. You swing the guitar controller to fight.

Freestyle Jam Mode - go nuts on the guitar and the rest of the band tries to keep up, the AI is smart enough to make your random weird shit sound interesting

Guitarist and Lead Vocalist Hero - include a microphone and have a combination karaoke and guitar hero where you’re the lead singer as well. I do this now without the microphone but the game doesn’t acknowledge my efforts.

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