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deex − restrict computer mediated communication with specified former significant others

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deex [-c config-file ] [ options ]


The deex program makes an attempt to restrict the user’s ability to communicate with a specified former lover - “de-exing” the computer. This includes blocking both incoming and outgoing communications via email, instant messenger, and the web.


-c Use the alternate config-file instead of the default ~user/deex/exs.conf. This overrides any DEEXCONF environment variable.

-i Run in interactive mode explicitly explaining each action and requiring active user confirmation at each step.

-b Run in batch mode without confirmations.

-pi Run in pseudo-interactive mode. This presents confirmations to the user at each step. Negative responses are not accepted. After each negative response, one line is read from the crazy ex-file, by default at ~/.deex/crazyshitmyexdid.txt until the user confirms. deex runs in pseudo-interactive mode by default.

-cx Overrides the default crazy-ex file. The format is one crazy thing per line.

-m Comma-separated list of one or more email addresses to block communication with. These addresses will also be used to de-friend the user

-sm Saves email to and from blocked addresses to encryped text file. Only the super-user can decrypt the file.

-dm Redirects email to and from blocked addresses to /dev/null

-pm If this option is specified, any existing messages matching the mail addresses specified will be purged.

-h Blocks comma-separated list of chat handles / screennames in IRC, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Jabber. Handles are case-insensitive and not application specific - each handle will be blocked in all environments.

-w Modifies /etc/hosts to redirect specified comma separated website URLs to another URL.

-wd The URL to redirect to when avoiding an ex’s web page. Default redirect URL is

-n Removes any “friend” relations to user on social networking services including MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, 43 Friends, Bebo, LiveJournal, Consumating, Flickr, Vox, Xanga and 78 others.

Filters any incoming email or instant messages containing the specified names to /dev/null.

Redirects all web pages containing the name to Lou Dobbs Tonight or other specified site.

-u Undo or “de-de-exes” a computer, performing the opposite of the options specified.

Due to obvious possible abuses of this option, only the superuser may invoke it, after passing a sobriety test.

-d Run in daemon mode. Print one line of the crazy shit my ex did file to the console when any filtering occurs.

WARNING - not all actions can be undone.



Per user configuration file.


Per user crazy shit your ex did description file.


Filtering your email does not actually help you get over your ex-girlfriend any faster.


Adam Mathes


avoidmarriage(1), runfromcommitment(5), awfulpersonalrelationships(1)

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