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Guide to DS Games

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WarioWare Touched - it’s WarioWare, but with a STYLUS. And Mona is awesome.

Animal Crossing Wild World - it’s Animal Crossing IN YOUR POCKET. You can write x-rated notes to squirrels and dig up fossils and set houses on fire once you purchase the torch from Tom Nook in this version.

Super Princess Peach - it’s not a better game than New Super Mario Brothers, but it is more fun because it’s significantly less difficult and has a talking umbrella. SPOILER: at the end Peach makes Mario strip and run around Mushroom Kingdom naked for being such a misogynist in past adventures.

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: No real replay factor, over too quickly… [bangs desk] OBJECTION! YOUR HONOR, Phoenix Wright is like being an attorney, except you get to scream OBJECTION and hit the table all the time without working long hours and being unethical.

Not Not Recommended

Brain Age - sort of fun but I can tell myself I’m stupid, I don’t need a video game to do so.

Big Braing Academy - see above.

Trace Memory - seemed fun, except for the parts that were STUPID ADVENTURE GAME BULLSHIT.

New Super Mario Brothers - New! More frustrating than you remembered!

Not Recommended

Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi The Genie and the Amp - the box art was sort of promising, and the soundtrack is KICK ASS but the game is pretty much unplayable.

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