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Holding Hands

I bought Ico recently (which is only my third PS2 game, I’m still sort of in denial I bought one) - mostly because I saw a preview for Shadow of the Colossus and figured I should play Ico first.

It suffers from some difficulty and repetition issues, but other than that it’s critical acclaim is well deserved. It’s beautiful and looks like a fairy tale.

The main character being able to take the hand of the princess to lead her around was a masterful addition, and being able to run hand in hand with her is one of the most satisfying aspects of the game.

There’s something sweet about them holding hands; something that isn’t in many games.

(The problem is that dragging someone around by the hand does get a bit tiresome after a while.)

I wonder if games I played in my more formative years had featured hand holding if I’d be better at it now.

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