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The Future of Web Applications

The kids these days love “Ajax” - which is a made up shorthand form of “Asynchronous JavaScript + XML.” If this is already making your eyes glaze over, just wait, there is a punchline here that doesn’t require you to understand any of this, really.

So, the thing is, from a technical standpoint, what’s described isn’t really asynchronous.

What’s next after AJAX? -

In the middleware community, however, the formal definition of asynchrony refers to the capability of sending a message at any time, in either direction. AJAX provides the upstream direction, but HTTP would appear to make server-initiated transmission impossible.

In a sense the architecture of the applications described as Ajax is actually synchronous. (It’s not really important that you understand or agree with that, just keep in mind that the word ‘synchronous’ starts with ’s.‘)

Which would mean that it’s more like SJAX, or maybe even Syjax, which I think people should pronounce “Sajak.”

The face of the future of web application development.

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