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Everything Must Go, Day Two

Everything Must Go, Day Two

[ I’m filling the trenchant daily queue with everything I have left, scraping the bottom of the barrel as I relocate across the country. Here’s another excerpt from my South by Southwest 2005 notes (with some helpful links added.) ]


Emergent Semantics panel -okish.

Leveraging Solipsism - Veen was good, but sad Peter wasn’t there. Vander wal - awesome, inspiring even. Turnbull - far better than I would have expected from an academic (haha i’m an academic too! should have asked him about phd program at ut.) Tantek - horrible pitch for technorati’s underwhelming tag aggregator that just makes the same mistakes as 1997’s dublin core style keyword meta tag crap.

LUNCH with endquote josh and his superstar ex-boss. Decide to stop drinking alcohol at every opportunity and order iced tea.

Afternoon keynote - gladwell is an excellent speaker. his blink stuff/book pitch is really interesting, but not sure why it has anything to do with, um, sxsw interactive. but hey, at least he’s not jeffrey zeldman.

bad sex with neal pollack - an excellent reading by our favorite balding middle aged former chicago area jew. kind of sad that not as many people were there. OHMYGOD MATTHAUGHEY SIGHTING FOLLOWED HE SAID HI TO ME.

gave demo with ben of SUPERSECRET new uber personals spinoff to smarties that included jeff veen, lane becker, molly steenson and others? i think. met thomas vander wal. he is very smart.

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