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Tell Him No

Because T-Mobile has horrible service in the Bay area, I’ve been looking for a new phone.

After doing some research online I went to a Cingular store to actually try out the phones and see what I liked.

The Razr V3, the new “hip” phone was listed as $200.

I walked up to the counter thing, and eventually someone responded to me.

“I’m interested in the Razr, but you have it listed for $200. It’s only $150 on Amazon, plus they have a $150 rebate. Can you come down on the price at all?”

“No, now that much, I’d lose my job. But I can go down to $150.”

“I’d be willing to pay something to get it now and not have to wait, but $150 difference is just too much.

“Well, wait, I’ll call my manager.”

He walks off into the corner and pulls out his cell phone. Time passes.


“He’s not there.”

“Ok, I’ll just…”

“Let me go ask the assistant manager.”

He walks off and disappears behind the employee only door.

Time passes.

More time passes.

At this point I realized I was living in a Mr. Show sketch, Change for a Dollar. In my mind calls were being made up the chain of Cingular to the CEO.

Something including:

“Some guy in our Mountain View store wants a free Razr from us instead of Amazon.”

At the golf course: “Shit, it’s too late to fly back.”

The thing is: I’m pretty sure Cingular ends up reimbursing Amazon - they pay that $150 to Amazon to get a new customer for two years - which is why it’s a rebate to me. So giving me the phone for $50 (which I would’ve taken) would’ve probably saved them money in comparison to me buying it through Amazon.

After an eternity, he walked back out.

“No, sorry.”

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