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Everything Must Go, Day One

Often I will take extensive notes on paper or on my computer for daily entries, or just when I think things are worth writing down. These usually then sit in a notebook or a text file on my computer… and nothing. They go nowhere.

But I’m in the midst of moving across the country (should arrive in California June 7) and the future of my network connectivity is in question, so EVERYTHING MUST GO.

(Well, not everything.)

These are like DVD extras. Sort of. Not really. Since there’s no actual movie for these to be extras for. They’re better than the nothing which is what you might expect to be here as I’m moving.

Anyway, yeah. Here’s an excerpt from my South by Southwest 2005 notes:

Registration and badge-getting was surprisingly quick and easy.

“So you’re a finalist?”

“No, my friend is actually. For his porn site.”

“What category is that?”

“Community, I think.”


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