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I tried to pack lightly and focus on things absolutely necessary and that weren’t replaceable to take on the plane.

3 bags - 1 Andiamo rolling duffel, 1 Andiamo rolling carry-on, 1 Eddie Bauer messenger bag

Regina (Powerbook G4 400mhz)

MacAlly 3rd party power adapter

Canon SD400, charger, USB mini-cable

Sony studio headphones



Keys, car, house, parents’ house

Cellular phone, charger


2 pairs of shoes, one brown one black

2 towels

Shaving kit with toiletries including toothbrush, hair brush, deodorant, toothpaste, electric beard trimmer and advil

Linksys WRT45G wireless broadband router, power adapter

Folder with birth certificate, title to Tayla (my car), copy of new lease

Folder with paperwork related to job

Folder with paperwork related to move

Hard drive, removed from my desktop before it was packed

Playstation Portable in Logitech case, charger, Lumines, Wipeout Pure

CD Player

CD wallet with 2 mix cd’s received as gifts, 1 data backup 52005, various other audio CD’s

Moleskine compact notebook, graph lined

Small spiral-bound notebook

2 pens

Books and Culture, Hamilton Wright Mabie

Moby Dick

2 stupid Mechwarrior Dark Age novels

Timex alarm clock, extra large LED readout

Large blue blanket, hand-knit and crocheted by my mother

3 old pillows

Green terrycloth robe

Green Hyrule hoodie

2 suits, one dark navy, one khaki

3 pairs dress slacks, khaki, lighter greenish khaki, grey

6 new non-iron dress shirts (THEY’RE LIKE MAGIC)

2 old dress shirts that should be ironed but I wear them wrinkled

Blogger t-shirt, navy, “the revolution will be Bloggerized” on the back

Diaryland t-shirt, light blue, Constable Whiskers riding a turtle

Baffler t-shirt, blue-green

Polaroid SX70 “Instant Classic” t-shirt, light blue

Sealab 2021 limited edition t-shirt, grey

Threadless A Fathom Farewell, dark blue

American Apparel sweatpants, blue with white stripes

South park pajama pants

6 pairs socks

6 pairs boxer shorts

With entries that are so exciting I discuss the number of pairs of underwear I currently have, I can’t even imagine how much the “quality” of my writing will decrease once I start work.

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