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Despite my better judgment, I saw Revenge of the Sith Thursday afternoon.

It was about what I expected, almost “good” though clearly our collective Lucasfilm expectations have been lowered (obliterated) by those other two “movies” he passed off as prequels, anything short of the “Jar Jar Show” seems decent.

And, of course, it’s a bit hard to make a movie when everyone already knows what is going to happen, who survives, and who dies. (A really great filmmaker might have, I don’t know, done something to play with that, or surprise us in other ways, but, again, rather than compain I would like thank George Lucas for not giving Jar Jar any lines.)

It’s telling that for me, the most memorable part of the movie is after a climactic scene, Obi Wan is piloting a spaceship. He puts his head in his hands, pondering the enormity of his actions and the situation, but the shot of him doing it includes C-3PO piloting the ship next to him. All I could think was, damnit 3PO is going to say something stupid, and ruin this scene. But he didn’t! Thanks George Lucas, for cutting that line, or not including it in the first place when it seems so much like something you would do. For a second there I almost stopped hating you for midichlorians. (Almost.)

Ok, and the brief parts with Yoda and Wookies. That was just fucking awesome. I mean, it’s Yoda and Wookies!

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