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Color Quest

[I wrote these (slightly edited) notes during South by Southwest, very late at night. They don’t have anything to do with South by Southwest, but I think sometimes just being around people who are doing neat things gets you thinking of neat things.]

Idea for a Video Game: Color Quest

Zelda-like 2d semi-structured adventure top-down. (But that’s what I think every game should be, and the idea would work in a number of settings.)

Gimmick: color themed, colors used throughout game as the main organizing thing.

The game starts in black and white. The color… things (anything but crystals) hold power, and they’ve been taken, or ripped of power. You quest to bring them back. Each part has a color theme. After beating a section you restore that color to the entire game world. So the game becomes black, white, and red, then b/w/red/blue etc.

Weapon/battle colors effect other colors based on color theory.

Things are revealed based on color and doorway/gateways based on available colors. So red things aren’t there or aren’t active until after red superpixel is restored, and you can’t cross the rivers because they’re frozen in time / space / not really there / until you beat the blue boss.

Sidequests for “odd” colors also change things, open new things up.

Possibly a cyber-penguin (with ocular implant!) main character since penguins are black and white, and as the game goes on he could change colors and such Megaman style. But I’m also very enamored with the idea of doing an Earthbound style “perpetual present” and use human characters - it would all be grounded in some bizarre reality.

I’m not sure why, but the idea of a game slowly moving from black and white to full, rich color really makes me happy. (Maybe I just watched the Wizard of Oz too much as a child.)

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