by adam mathes
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Maybe I'll Be OK

It’s hard to tell sometimes how or even if I’ve changed over the years, because change is gradual and it’s often hard to evaluate one’s self.

I don’t think I’d normally publish something like the following, but I’m rather nervous about an interview tomorrow, so I’m trying to remind myself to have a little self-confidence, and I think what Matt said to me recently did help to remind me that maybe I have grown a bit:

mh: I’m sure you’ll find a job no prob

mh: you seem to have a maturity and intelligence now you didn’t have years ago.

mh: that’s not to say you were like a 12 year old before

mh: but you were a smart guy then and now, but you can express yourself so much better now

mh: you sound all big and thinky, beyond your years

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