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Consumating is now live. It’s the reworked, upgraded version of Uber Personals that Ben and I have been working on.

I’ll probably write more about Consumating after I return from my trip this week, but the core idea is to take the free-tagging folksonomy ideas and apply them to people.

The core idea behind Uber Personals was that the forced focus of most dating sites on superficial characteristics like height, weight, ethnicity, and eye color was absurd. And instead we tried to replace that focus with a focus on consumer-cultural interests, both as a joke and serious commentary on how people relate to each other these days.

But we’re throwing that out the window and instead letting people tag themselves and others as they see fit, and we’ve developed an excellent browsing interface to explore people based on those tags. (It’s like playing Guess Who, but with real hipsters!)

Take a look at the tags page to get an idea of the sorts of terms people are using to describe themselves and others. Most similar services probably don’t let you find people who wear glasses or play video games.

Try it out! You might find someone neat.

It might turn out a lot of people really want to describe themselves and find people based on physical characteristics, or consumer cultural tastes, or it might turn out to be things we can’t even imagine yet. It should be an interesting experiment to watch.

There’s still a bunch of work that needs to be done on Consumating, but nobody waits until software is finished on the web.

If you have questions or comments, please pass them along to me, or feel free to post to discuss.

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