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My Wonderful Life Part Two

From the Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life manual:

Then comes marriage…

During your first summer you’ll receive a rare blue feather. It’s the traditional symbol for marriage but proposing too soon can ruin an engagement. Read these tips and a few diaries:


Vesta makes no secret about finding a match for this girl. Celia is compassionate and knowedgeable about crops and farming. She’s a down-to-earth sweetie seeking an honest, hard-working guy.

To Win Her Heart:
Celia is a softy for flowers. Even if you forget once or twice Vesta might try to arrange a marriage for you. Celia’s diary is on the bed above Vesta’s room.


Muffy is a flashy flirt who doesn’t want to waste away polishing goblets at the Blue Bar. If you prefer a pretty face without a clue about farms, crops, and animals, this is your match.

To Win Her Heart:
Flowers, flowers, flowers… Muffy likes pretty petals and nothing else except for Big Huchep fish. You can find her diary inside the colored lamp at the Blue Bar.


Nami is potentially the smartest of your three prospects and she won’t fall for cute lines or fancy flowers. You’ll need to use your noggin to win the heart and mind of this worldly traveler.

To Win Her Heart:
Nami prefers autumn flowers so try to impmress her with the fossils and statues from the archeology site. Her purple diary is on the desk in her room at the Inn.

You can probably guess which one I chose to pursue.

I think this game is trying to say something about women, but I’m not sure I entirely understand what it is.

[See also, part one.]

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