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Spin SxSw Party at Ben's

I have pages and pages of notes from SxSw last week, but none of it is all that interesting. And let’s be honest, you wouldn’t care even if it was.

Instead here are brief notes from a party at Ben’s. <!– “Hey, that’s James Iha.”

“I don’t really have anything to say to James Iha.”

“Me neither.”

“Hey I was one of four people who bought your solo album!” –>

MC Chris was there and actually sounds like Hesh. It’s not some complicated voice trick.

Also, he puts on a good show even if people would rather be outside drinking Sparks than listening to him inside.

“Thank you 33 people for showing up! Oh wait, one person came in, 34. No, two left, 32.”

MC Chris is a funny guy, not surprisingly. I think “Whose idea was it to have this party in the suburbs?” was my favorite line.

As Dakota and I were leaving we saw two girls, one drunker than the other.

“I want to go back!” the drunker girl said.

“No you don’t,” the less drunk girl said. “Worst party ever.”

Then they dropped some cans of Sparks. Disgusting, disgusting Sparks.

(It was not actually the worst party ever.)

Then Sean took me and Dakota to get donuts. It’s nice to know after all these years Mrs. Johnson is still such a nice old man.

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