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Medical Purposes

It seems reasonable that the federal government has a program like Medicare to ensure health care for the elderly. Nobody likes the idea of the elderly not getting the medical attention they need because modern health care costs so much money.

And besides, old people are a lot more likely to vote than any other group, so in the battle between providing health care to the elderly, and well, anything else, health care will win.

Which is why I was hardly surprised to read today that:

Dispute Over Medicare Plan to Cover Erectile Treatments

Bush administration officials said Tuesday that the new Medicare drug benefit would generally pay for erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra and Levitra when they were medically needed.

But apparently, for once, old people have gone too far, with their sexing.

In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. King said: "We are promoting abstinence for young people with raging hormones, and yet we are going to ask them to pay taxes for sex-enhancing drugs for seniors? In good conscience, I cannot support that. We have only a finite amount of money. When Medicare covers Viagra pills, you are, in effect, taking money away from someone else's life-saving drugs."

Mr. King said he found no basis for such spending. "There are only two reasons for sex," Mr. King said. "One is procreation, and the other is recreation. If we are going to subsidize someone's recreational sex, I don't think that's what our founding fathers had in mind."

There is an obvious third reason - fucking for their health - which can justify things on purely medical grounds, I’m sure.

I’m not sure where I was going with this. I find it much harder to write daily entries now that I am temporarily laptop-less. (Regina lies dormant after I broke yet another Powerbook power cord, and am waiting for Amazon to deliver a replacement, this time a supposedly “more durable” third party version.)

Oh, right. Personally, I come down firmly on the side of simply gutting military spending so that we can expand Medicare and lower the age of coverage from 65 to something like, 5. And pay for everyone’s Viagra, even the teenagers with raging hormones.

Not because I think it’s good medical or fiscal policy, but if the government was giving it away for free it would probably cut down on all that spam.

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