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2005 Year In Review

(Program note: trenchant daily and other related sites are mostly back after their extended technical difficulties. Rather than metering out the backlog content, I’ve thrown it all up dated from the past two weeks.)

2005 began with departure and ended with arrival.

A lot happened in between.

I bought a Hyrule hoodie. Got married in a video game. Relaunched Uber Personals as Consumating with Ben.

Turned 25. Got a job. Finished school and became a Fully Qualified Library Scientist.

Started working.

Played ICO. Went to my first wedding. Got sued. Lost an unwinnable contest. Sold Consumating. Helped get a lot of books on the web and made them easier to read.

And then my web sites disappeared.

It was probably the loneliest year of my life.

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