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New Era

I’ve managed to write an entirely new content management system in the time it’s taken to get my web sites back online. By which I mean, not back online, since they still aren’t. (This may be Ben’s way of telling me to get my own box after all these years, or it may just be laziness, I’m not sure.)

But I figured with tantra gone the chances of me ever getting the precariously functioning bucket of code that was Organizine running again was slim, so I wrote something else. It’s simple and stupid, and not as good, but generates all 900 trenchant daily entries and archives in under a minute, and Organizine was taking something like half an hour to do so, and the 2 hours it took to write is probably less time than it would’ve taken to configure and reinstall all of the Organizine crap.

It also, however, means I will basically never update anything on any of my sites again except trenchant daily. (Not that I ever did.)

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