by adam mathes
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This Battle Strenghtens the Soul of Ninja

“What the hell? Your custom character is naked.”

“She’s not naked. She has a leather corset, long leather gloves, a guardian belt, taped boots, and fishnet tights.”

“Is this a fighting game or some sort of perverse dress-up doll simulator?”

Both, and you forgot really bad real-time-strategy game. Do you know how hard it is to get the fishnet tights? You have to unlock the sword master, which only happens once you unlock all the other jobs, the samurai, the knight, the sage…”

“Ok, dude, whatever, your other character doesn’t even have accessories on top of her underwear, she’s just in her underwear. With purple hair.”

“That one I can explain. She has the red underwear, purple taped boots and purple hair because she’s supposed to be Athena. You know, from the SNK game. Not so much the later versions of Athena in King of Fighters, but the old skool arcade Athena.”

“No, I don’t know. Nobody knows what you’re talking about.”

“This probably isn’t a good use of my time.”

“Probably not.”

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