by adam mathes
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Stressful Diversions

I think I’m too stressed out.

I tried to calm down by playing We Love Katamari, but after a while everyone in the select valley jumps up and down and screams at you to help them.

It’s not pleasant.

It also seems impossible to unlock eternals like in the original Katamari Damacy. Rolling around the Katamari without any time limits was one of the purest pleasures in all of video gaming, and to take it out of the sequel and replace it with this 1 million rose level crap hurts me on in the inside.

So I tried reading a Battletech novel, because at least the world of giant robots and galactic intrigue is usually comforting. But they assassinated Victor Steiner Davion, so not really.

What the hell, Battletech universe people? You couldn’t let the one holdover character from classic universe survive more than a few Dark Age books? And doesn’t Victor deserve a better death than assasination, I mean, he destroyed Clan Smoke Jaguar and saved the Inner Sphere only to come back and find his patricidal crazy sister took over his realm. And even though he defeats her in the FedCom civil war, they assassinated Omi Kurita, so doesn’t even get a decent happy ending with his starcrossed lover. Doesn’t that all count for something? I want answers and accountability.

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