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Totally Not A Thesis

When Andy Baio linked to my (now extremely overexposed) Folksonomies paper a few days ago, he parenthetically remarked that I should build tags into Organizine - my content management system.

Which was funny because I had done some work a while ago on adding keyword/tag/categories/whatever metadata term you prefer to trenchant daily, but had sort of lost interest in banging my head up against XFML and designing a taxonomy.

But when I read Andy’s post, I was like, oh yeah! I can just build some of this stuff into Organizine! So now instead of being a bunch of hacky XML crunching perl scripts, it’ll be slightly less hacky perl scripts along with additional hackery on my “I can’t believe how bad these design decisions are in retrospect” cms, which is itself just a bunch of hacky perl scripts.

The upside is at some point you might be able to browse by arbitrarily chosen relatively useless tags I’ve wasted my time adding to the hundreds of daily entries. (Maybe.)

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