by adam mathes
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Preventing Raw Sewage Backflow

Like all arguments by metaphor, this one fundamentally flawed. And like most arguments made on web sites these days, it also has no real point.

But imagine your toilet is overflowing and the entire bathroom is filling up with raw sewage, somehow being shunted into your bathroom through the toilet by means you can not even begin to comprehend.

Luckily, sitting on your couch, watching TV, is a good friend of yours who happens to be a plumber.

“Oh my god, there’s crap everywhere! Can you help me fix it?”


He takes a notebook out of his bag. You’re confused, but assume he’s about to draw a diagram, or consult some plumbing reference.

He then takes a felt-tip marker out of his bag, and carefully writes something on the paper. After ripping the page out of his notebook, he tapes it up onto the bathroom door.

Happy with his work, he then sits back down on the couch. “There, our problem is solved.”

“I don’t understand.”

“This way, when I come over to watch your TV, I’ll be sure not to step in feces.”

“But what about all the shit being pumped into my bathroom? You haven’t solved my problem at all!”

“Oh. I meant… my problem is solved.”

You glance over at the sign and see it says “rel=nofollow.”

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