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Post Facet World

I think my classification systems course is going to be really good. (I normally don’t talk about school, but with the mundane nature of my life, this is about as exciting as it’s going to get for the time being.)

From the syllabus:

“Course overview with special empahsis on subject directories for “The Universe of Subjects” and facet analysis systems for improved navigation and searching tools on websites.

Related software developments for facet maps, corporate taxonomies, topic maps, and ontologies (if used for subject metadata) also will be reviewed.”

Going back to the theoretical foundations of and important historical developments in classification and seeing how they are relevant in the changed information system of the Web is exactly the sort of thing I entered an LIS program for.

And yet, at the talk of faceted classification, I couldn’t help but think to myself… facets? Oh, we are so living in the post-facet free-form tagging world.

(But not really.)

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