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Not Ready Yet

This isn’t remotely done yet, but feel free to look around to verify for yourself that I really only write about stupid meaningless things.

I was going to wait until I finished tagging the rest of the site, and made more tweaks to the software, and automated everything properly in cron jobs, and republished all the daily entries so they had tag links in them. That would have been the properly obsessive-compulsive Adam-like thing to do. But I have a different idea.

Your assignment is to tag your content for the last few years, or at least the things you like, and be ready to spit out an RSS 2 dump of your content that has the tags in category elements (like this) or a Dublin Core subject element, whatever. Or just start freely tagging your site with Delicious. Or using Flickr for your photos. Eventually if you are my friend and I ever finish this project, there will be links to your tagged content if it shares a tag with mine. (And you could use my scripts to build a tag index for your stuff on your site!)

Think of it as a decentralized folksonomy experiment with social networking thrown in.

PS - I don’t actually expect any of you to do this, but if you’re interested, please contact me. And wouldn’t it be neat if all of our donuts entries were together, even if we aren’t?

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