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The Angel of Love, Wedding Peach, is becoming seriously annoyed!

After deciding to rent the Sailor Moon ripoff Wedding Peach [1], and checking online to see if the video rental store carried the title, it never even occurred to me that it might actually be checked out.

And yet, there, at the rental store, in the giant anime section, there was Wedding Peach Volume 2, Wedding Volume 3, Wedding Peach Volume 4, and Wedding Peach Volume 5, and a conspicuous lack of Wedding Peach Volume 1.

Which meant that somehow, someone, somewhere decided to rent Wedding Peach Volume 1 on a Monday night. The same Monday night that I wanted to watch it.

What are the odds of that? I mean, it’s WEDDING PEACH.

The exciting conclusion – Klara and I rented volume two.

  1. Wedding Peach is a 12 year old who transforms into a bridal… something to fight… evil people who don’t like love. Or weddings. Although she doesn’t actually do the fighting in the full wedding gown, she transforms again. Into her “armored” miniskirt - with golden garter. (Not that there really is any fighting.)

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