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Photographic Thumbnails

Thumbnails of the photos I’ve taken and posted, along with a quieter place to view each of them.

You’d think I’d be a better photographer by now.

And shouldn’t I be farming out this sort of work to Flickr or something? Sometimes I think I pay too much attention to detail.

Long-time readers have probably seen most of these before, although I copied a few that were hiding in random places that you may not have seen. It’s sort of nice to see them all in one place.

Sidenote that will only make sense to web development nerds: there’s something very refershing and almost freeing about doing a quick project like this with tables instead of CSS positioning. Standards? Who needs standards when we have HEIGHT attributes on tables! Designing pages in HTML 3.2 will probably become a new guilty pleasure for me the more I become involved with markup, electronic publising, and XML semantics as part of my job. (Well, “job” – I am a graduate assistant this year, 25% appointment.)

The new semester begins today. I am cautiously optimistic. My advisor is confident that my classes this time – a required introductory Information Organization and Access course along with seminars in Scenario Based Design and Computer Mediated Communication – will make up for my cataloging class this summer.

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