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Blogger, Five Years Later

Yet another idea I abandoned without finishing was doing a “Blogger 5 Year Reunion” for the Blogger Class of ‘99. It was going to be my birthday “present” for Blogger’s fifth anniversary.

At the time I started it, I believe Blogger still had their old directory up, frozen in time. It seems to be gone now, but you can see it at Wayback Machine.

There’s about 150 or so that were created in 1999. I started to go through them all and note whether they were still active, if they were still using Blogger or another weblogging tool, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, this became very dull very quickly.

It was kind of neat to browse through, and see how many of those early blogs I recognized and were still going. (This is because I am a nerd. I imagine almost the entirety of Blogger’s userbase could now care less about this sort of thing.)

A surprising number of the sites that were still active had switched to MovableType, I think showing that the “early adopter” users have mostly moved off of Blogger to other tools now, as I have.

Regardless, happy birthday, Blogger. It may just be a stupid little web application with a silly name, but it’s had more of an effect on the lives of more people than I think anybody expected.

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