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Preemptive Blame

Despite the fact that the word ‘blog’ causes me great discomfort I “registered” for Bloggercon a self-described un-conference this November.

I figured since it was at my alma mater it would be a good chance to… what is it that people do when they visit their old schools? I figured it would be a good chance to go to In-N-Out.

And my good friend Ian will be at Stanford for business school, so I can see him and crash at his place.

But I was on the fence, and couldn’t quite decide whether to go, so I checked out who had registered to see if anybody interesting was going and saw Stewart Butterfield was going. Figuring that Stewart is smart, I decided to go. And it means that I will blame Stewart if Bloggercon sucks, even though it’s obviously not his fault.

[ Later update: also Matt ]

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