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Andre Torrez launched Dropcash in order to further enable Paypal enrichment donation drives.

I had a pivotal role in the project, at one point testing to see if the Typekey authentication worked. It went something like this:

Andre: Do you have a Typekey account?

Adam: No.

Andre: Oh, never mind then. I wanted someone to test a Typekey thing.

Adam: I have nothing to do! I will sign up for one!

[ In attempting to sign up, I realize I already have a Typekey account. ]

Adam: I am dumb! I already have a Typekey account.

Andre: Please try logging in to this page [ url! ]

Adam: You are smart! It works! Yayyy!

Andre: Wooooo!!

Adam: Woooo!!

Andre: Yay!!

[ I think there may have been less excitement in the real conversation. ]

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