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A Jedi Craves Not These Things

Things I am probably too excited about:

  • The impending release of the Japanese Famicom-mini Gameboy version of Palutena no Kagame. (I can't decide if I should import it or wait for Kid Icarus to hopefully be released here. Or maybe I should just get both!!)
  • Hand binding books made from web sites and email
  • Return of Lupin III to [adult swim]
  • Iron Chef (I've just started watching, it is good)

Things I am not at all excited about:

  • John Edwards
  • My cataloging and classification class. (Sadly, the class is entirely devoid of any intellectual value, theory, or history and focuses on practical applications of AACR2 and the creation of MARC records by hand.)

What are you excited about? (This is an attempt at generating discussion.)

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