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Catwomen for Kids

The most unintentionally funny thing I’ve seen in years was the Catwoman “preview” my Tivo helpfully provided for me. Although it’s clear this movie is going to be a spectacular failure even beyond what most people thought possible, there were two parts that stuck out in my mind.

As the producer of the movie raves about Halle Berry and “the sensuality she brings to the character…” we are shown Catwomn licking the entire side of someone’s face.

Then, after all the ridiculous shots of Catwoman with her whip, and in apparent fetish clubs, and basically a movie that is pretty obviously mature, Sharon Stone informs us that the movie is particularly “cool” because it is “for kids and grownups.”

Now, regardless of the inherent comedy in Sharon Stone recommending anything for children, the juxtaposition of actual clips of the half naked, bondage-fetish clothed Catwoman and her whip with a calm explanation that “it’s for kids and grownups” - I mean, who says ‘grownups’ who isn’t a five-year-old anyway - is just, well, it’s comic genius.

As I decided to write about this (after watching it a few days ago) I watched the preview again on my Tivo. Unfortunately, people at Tivo, or somebody, noticed this and actually loaded a revised version of the preview on to my Tivo without the Sharon Stone kids line. Luckily, Klara had seen it too, so at least I knew I wasn’t completely crazy. To prove that I hadn’t made up the quote, a quick search yielded some interviews. The full quote, from those fine journalists at ET -

"The film is about stripping off the mask and about busting out of the idea that you have to be something you are not, and that is cool," Sharon tells ET. "What is cool is it is for kids and grownups. The theme of the movie is to be who you are."

So, take it from Sharon Stone, kids. Strip off that mask… or put on a leather one and grab a whip and lick the side of someone’s face. Just remember to be yourself! Cool!!!

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