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Catalogers are Rather Sad

I’m taking a course in cataloging and classification this summer.

Rather than discuss the class, and some issues I have with it, I’d like to share this excerpt from an article the professor gave us printed copies of the first day of class, ““The Whimsy of Cataloging” -

And while most catalogers tend to fall on the Introvert side of the Myers-Briggs scale, they also tend to be tons of fun. It goes back to that whimsy of cataloging thing. The department I work in is famous in the library for our Halloween costumes (among our recent themes have been the Von Trapp Family Catalogers and the solar system). Last year when another department was decorating in a beach theme for a party, they knew to come to us to find a hammock, an inflatable parrot, and various sombreros. We vent our frustrations by invading each other's cubicles in commando-style ping-pong weapon raids.

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